mavis leigh lovett
full name Mavis Leigh Lovett

Mave, Maven, Shithead
age & dob
October 23, 1984 (31)
Cypress, TX
current residence
Nashville, TN
relationship status
manager at fat bottom brewing
business administration, b.a.
kinsey 5
one of mavis lovett's favorite television shows is toddlers and tiaras. not because of the ridiculously overbearing mothers or the objectification of the poor children. no, it's because the show is an accurate portrayal of her own childhood. mavis was entered into her first pageant at the tender age of eight months when she was able to wave to the judges and show off her cheeky smile. that was the first win of many that she began to take though the beauty contests weren't her idea, but her mother's. you see, mavis was last of four children and the only girl. from day one, she was dressed pink in frills and lace and it wasn't uncommon for the girl to have multiple outfit changes. this was her mother's way to make up for the testosterone she had to endure. her mother made sure that her one and only daughter would be beautiful and this was at any and all costs. this is the life that mavis lead. every sabbath day was reserved for the church of beautiful nail for pedicures and manicures with tammy. appointments with her hair stylists were made and kept to keep her hair long and luxurious. tanning was a must, but never actual sun as they would wrinkle her prematurely, her mother said.

in true texas tradition, football was a religion of itself for the lovett family. not only did they gather for monday, thursday, and sunday services, they were staples of the houston little league program. while her brothers played pop warner, mavis cheered on the sidelines complete with pom poms and ribbons in her hair. she was never allowed to suit up but became a formidable foe when the neighborhood kids played on the street before the streetlights came on. her mother never approved of the scraped knees and battle wounds that mavis collected but could never quite keep her thumb on the energetic child. to curve the endless amount of energy she had stored, mavis was enrolled in various classes such as dance and gymnastics. these mother pre-approved skillsets were added to the routines created for the talent sections of the pageants. as mavis grew up, she found the pageants boring. however, it didn't matter if mavis' interests laid elsewhere, there was too much time and energy invested to turn back, or so her mother said. that is, until an ultimatum was made. alarmed by the rapidly dimming spirit of his little girl, clay stepped in to subdue his wife's exuberant ways. for the first time, mavis was able to pick her own after school activity and didn't skip a beat to choose basketball.

able to shed the endless pageant rehearsals for a few hours a week was a heaven sent escape. mavis found that her gangly frame was quick to get to the line and made for scoring at the foul line, not just smiling bright with pretty hand and feet poses. she was trained to become both a forward and guard utilizing her speed and height. mavis had never been happier going hard in the paint. the same competitive nature that ran through her family had finally weaseled its way into the girl. it spread outward motivating the girl to actively participate in her mother's beauty queen dreams. just as she became the swingman on her basketball teams, she found herself bouncing between the courts and the pageant stage. she thrived during this time blossoming into the same womanly curves her mother had genetically handed down. while her evening gowns filled out nicely, mavis found it tiresome to wear two sports bras to keep her body under control.

though she may have followed her brothers’ legacies in high school, mavis was still able to make a name for herself. the outgoing nature easily allowed her to bounce up and down the social tiers, a foreshadowing to her future need for acceptance from all. her planner was filled with social events keeping the girl active and on her toes. despite the constant action, gnawing away at mavis was a hollow feeling that she wasn’t like the other girls in her grade. she dated but never felt the same thrills with her boyfriend as she did sneaking glances at the female population. it wasn’t until after graduation and well into her second year at the university of houston that she found comfort and a sense of self calling herself a lesbian. the label was kept under wraps from all but a few close friends as she continued to work towards the miss america goal she’d made to herself as a young girl.

determined to achieve, mavis was sashed as miss texas competing for the coveted miss usa title in 2009. the life long preparation had paid off landing her in the top 10 contestants unable to nab the highest honor. after the celebration had settled and her community engagements were passed down to her successor, mavis found herself at a loss. without a title to strive for or a team to focus her energy, she settled into an office job where she used her business degree to project her future career within the company. she lasted only a few months before she walked off the job. promising herself to never become a faceless employee to a corporation or lose any of her light, mavis packed her ancient toyota and headed east leaving behind everything else that wouldn’t fit in her new life.

landing in nashville, mavis built herself from the ground up finally able to show off her true passionate nature without fear of retribution from the city she was born and bred in or the consequences it could bring. it’s not conventional but she’s found a lifestyle that suits her keeping her mind sharp as the glue keeping fat bottom brewing together and slinging drinks by night. while most wouldn't approve, mavis could not be happier marching to the beat of her own drum.


makes no attempt to hide her accent and embraces the comfortable drawl she speaks with. it's used mostly when she'll benefit from it.
came out as a lesbian to her family while holding hands with her brother who came out at the same time. they fondly call each other the black sheep.
one tiara snuck its way into her suitcase and is now donned by the deer head mounted in her living room shrouded in a dirty mexican blanket.
holds the following titles - Miss Houston USA 2007 and Miss Texas USA 2009.
born on a cusp, mavis is a libra with a strong scorpio side. traits of both zodiac signs are displayed in her everyday life even if she may not subscribe to the zodiac.
she's a little bit of country, a whole lot of rock 'n' roll. dolly parton, sara evans, george strait, tim mcgraw, jason aldean, ac/dc, zztop, the rolling stones, queen, iron maiden, soundgarden, nine inch nails, alice in chains, nirvana, rage against the machine.. dabbles in hip hop.
favorite food is mexican followed closely by bbq. takes her meat medium-rare and judges anyone who orders theirs well done.
the following adjectives are keywords: objective, determined, strong willed, commanding, loyal, sarcastic, playful.

    PARENTS clayton lovett, sr. texas rancher - the type with a big cowboy hat, a bigger belt buckle, and the type of shine on his boots that can only come from spit and a little muscle.
    shelby lynn baker lovett retired pageant queen turned housemaker turned pageant coach when her brood flew the coop.

    SIBLINGS junior (36) construction foreman. married to clementine with five of his own - c3, sunday, pearl, colton, dixie.
    grant (34) keeps the lovett ranch running and operating. recently divorced with weekend vistation with his twins, mabel and abigail.
landry (33) engaged to long time partner phillip and planning their 2016 destination wedding.

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